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2010-08-11 01:50:38 by DJEarthlight

I obviously rarely use NG to upload my music, so I'm going to do a little bit of experimenting. I'm going to be uploading a couple of tracks cut down from my original 8 minutes long songs I've posted elsewhere to see the reaction.

If it doesn't bare much better than the songs I've already uploaded [which I think will happen], I'm going to take more time off from here until I create some music fit for here.

Coming up album: Elements

2009-11-14 21:15:47 by DJEarthlight

First album to be released by me is "Elements", which consists of four songs with four different styles and moods.

Track List:

As of now I have one song finished, and I'm preparing to start my next song and hopefully finish it at the end of the week.

I used to be DJAirWave, now I've changed my name to DJ Earthlight. For the past couple months (during transition), I've tried my best to augment my skills in music. So far according to feedback, I've been doing alot better, let's see what you guys think. If not all goes well, then I have no choice but to keep practicing and gaining more musical skill and try again.